Wish List


LCCM has an ongoing wish list. Please check back periodically to see the updated list. Please remember that we do not use items that are expired. Donations can be dropped off at LCCM, 750 S. 7th St, Lebanon. Monday - Friday 8:30 am -4:30 pm. Thank you.

“God has poured out his love into our hearts.” – Romans


Things we need (and want) for the Food Bank in 2017:

*Canned meats – Beef, Tuna, Ham, & Chicken
*Beef Stew

*Boxes of Instant Potatoes
*Boxes of Scallop Potatoes
*Tomato Soup 
*Chicken Rice Soup
*Gravy of all types
*Beef or Chicken Broth
*Juices of all kinds (grape, apple, orange)
*Jelly –Grape and Strawberry (18 oz & 32 oz)
*Creamy Peanut Butter
*Canned Beef Stew
*Canned White Potatoes
*Spaghetti /Marinara Sauce Cans
*Fruit Cocktail
*Canned Plain Applesauce
*Canned Peaches
*Canned Cream Corn
*Canned Chili with Beans


Canned Corn
Canned Pineapples
Canned Peas
Salad Dressing
Sauerkraut (small cans)
Granulated Sugar
Comlplete Pancake Mix
Pancake Syrup
Children's diapers
Baby Wipes
Baby Food (Stage 1 & 3)
Toothpaste 5-6oz.
Children's Toothbrushes to age 6
Junior's Toothbrushes to age 12
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Razors (Men and Women)
Shaving Cream
Deodorant – Men’s & Women’s
Feminine Hygiene Products
Hand Lotion/ Moisturizer
All-purpose cleaning products
Air freshener/ Febreeze

We do not need chicken noodle soup, green beans, mixed veggies, or Ravioli or Adult Toothbrushes.

Clothing Bank Needs:

Twin Sheet sets

Queen Balnkets
King Blankets
Men’s boxers all sizes
Men’s socks all sizes & styles
Men’s Jeans
Men’s T-shirts all sizes
Ladies socks all sizes & styles
Ladies Underwear-Sizes 5, 6 & 7
Bras all sizes including sports bras
Boys boxers all Sizes
Boys socks all sizes & styles
Girls underwear all sizes
Girls socks all sizes & styles


We are also in need of clothing that fits the Lebanon School District Dress Code

Pants: navy, black or tan; No cargo or Prints
Shirts: collared solid color