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Stanley Jones
Four years ago, a 61 year old man decided that he was going to make a positive impact and give back to those that had helped him.

Stanley’s childhood was pretty normal.  An athlete throughout high school, he became a Marine at age 19.  Upon his return from his tour in Vietnam, however, Stanley’s life began to crumble.  He lost his arm during the war and began his long-time struggle with a drug addiction that resulted in three prison terms, countless debt, and deep despair. 

In 2010, Stanley hit bottom.  He had no place to stay, no food, no clothes, and too much debt to imagine.  With the help of Step Into Life Ministries, Stanley overcame his addiction, found an apartment and began a new life.  He was then pointed to Lebanon County Christian Ministries for assistance with food, clothing, and moral support.

Stanley then decided to give back.  He asked LCCM to if he could volunteer at the ministry.  Believing that the Lord can use those who have overcome obstacles, LCCM gave him the opportunity to be an encouragement to others.  Stanley firmly believes that one needs to be held accountable and must deal with the consequences of bad decisions.  LCCM is proud of Stanley’s ability to overcome and is grateful for his willingness to serve others and aid in the mission of LCCM.