LCCM Golf Tournament
Friday, May 17th @ 1:00.
This year's proceeds are going to assist the FRESH Start Resource Program (formerly HOPES).  The program is now one of the basic human services that LCCM provides to those in need within our Community.  The HOPES Emergency Shelter started in 2012. This program began as a collaborative effort between LCCM and Jubilee Ministries, and has since then evolved. We recently moved the resource center to our facility on S. 7th St., and it is now called FRESH Start. The program is still one of the main safety net programs that we provide to our clients, in addition to food and clothing. In the past, the responsibilities of the Emergency Shelter were divided into two parts. Jubilee Ministries used to staff and fund the Resource Center- where guests were screened and qualified for entrance into the shelter.  They then provided case management in order to help our clients move out of the realm of homelessness. The Resource Center is a place where the guests can prepare their meals, do their laundry, take showers, and list as a reference when searching for work and/or housing. 

Previously, the focus of LCCM was to coordinate a network of churches and other facilities to serve as shelter sites, as well as, staff the Resource Center during evening hours. It has now branched out o fulfill all of the duties of the Shelter. This Summer, the day shelter will be housed within the walls of LCCM, but we will still rely on partner churches to house the clients during the overnight portion of the program.  

Well into its sixth year of operation, the Emergency Shelter serves an average of twenty guests per night. During these six years, a steady stream of families and individuals who have found themselves homeless for a variety of reasons, have found the services provided by the Emergency Shelter and Resource Center invaluable.  Especially the children, ranging in ages from infant to eighteen. Children generally make up one-half of the individuals served by the Emergency Shelter. 

One of the biggest challenges the Emergency Shelter faces is transitioning the guests from 
homelessness to affordable and safe housing. There simply is not enough affordable and safe housing for low-income families in Lebanon County. In an effort to address this need, Jubilee Ministries has phased-out of their participation with the Resource Center and start an aftercare program that would provide long-term guidance for homeless families in their search for this type of housing. This aftercare program more readily aligns with Jubilee Ministries’ current core mission and services. 

This change, however, provides LCCM with the challenge (and opportunity)
of assuming full responsibility of the Emergency Shelter; which includes staffing and continued funding for the Resource Center.  
The LCCM Board of Directors has wrestled with this change and the decision to assume full responsibility of the Emergency Shelter over the past several months. It is a long-term commitment that has immediately increased LCCM’s annual budget by approximately ten percent. Despite this additional demand, the LCCM Board of Directors has accepted this challenge and moved forward with this opportunity effective July 1, 2017, and renamed the program FRESH Start.

The most pressing need LCCM faces at this point is that of initial funding to hire additional 
staff. As a Christ-centered and Kingdom focused ministry, LCCM is driven by its compassion for each and every client it serves and every partner and supporter with whom it engages. This is where our golf tournament comes into play.......We hope that all of you will consider supporting this event in some manner.  Whether by sponsorships or by participation, the funding that we receive will go a long way towards kicking off this important endeavor.

So come on out and play golf, enjoy a great dinner, and win awesome prizes, all while simultaneously helping the less-fortunate children within Lebanon County.  Be a part of this one tournament that really does give back to the Community.


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