Alden Place Donation
On Wednesday October 19th, 2016, The Alden Club hosted a Turkey Drive and Social Luncheon for their Community.  150+ participants all came together to raise food and finances to benefit the "less-fortunate" within the Lebanon County.  The luncheon was themed around "Soup and Sanwiches".  To gain entry to the event, each participant was asked to donate a Holiday food item of some sort (stuffing, canned vegeatbles, etc.)  The main request for was turkeys.  All proceeds were to go to Lebanon County Christian Ministries for distribution. A ton of effort went into this event and over 18 different kinds of delicious soup were made available by the caring hands of those within the Community.  The volunteer presense and Community particiaption were more than expected.  Eveyone came out to make the kick-off event, a huge succes.  There was also a themed basket raffle which was a big hit.  24 different baskets were raffled and all of those proceeds are going to LCCM to buy turkeys for needy families over the Holidays.

Alden Place reached out to LCCM a few months ago with a request to partner and support LCCM's mission.  And since then, they have gone the extra mile to bring in much needed resources.  The food drive netted 900 lbs of food!  155lbs of that were the 13 turkeys that were brought in.  All of the money collected during the event will go towards the purchase of more turkeys in the near future.  The plan is to have everything ready a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

We certainly do appreciate this new relationship and look forward to a long partnership with these two Communities.  They truly are Lebanon's best kept secret, as they harbor some of the most caring individuals around.