Commodity Supp. Food Program


Lebanon County Seniors (age 60 and above) can still register for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).
The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a federal program that helps to improve the health of low-income seniors (age 60 and above) by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA commodity foods. Each month, a CSFP food package that includes items like cereal, non-fat dry and evaporated milk, juice, oats, pasta, peanut butter, canned meat, tuna or poultry, and canned fruits and vegetables will be distributed to income-qualified seniors. Lebanon County Christian Ministries (LCCM) is the designated agency to distribute CSFP in Lebanon County. CSFP is only for seniors age 60 and older and eligibility is based upon the following income guidelines:

Eligibility for this program is based upon the following income guidelines (130% of Poverty):


Total Household Income


Household Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 $14,937 $$1,245 $288
2 $20,163 $1,681 $388
3 $25,389 $2,116 $489
4 $30,615 $2,552 $589
5 $35,841 $2,987 $690
6 $41,067 $3,423 $790
7 $46,293 $3,858 $891
8 $51,519 $4,294 $991
For Each Additional      
Family Member Add: +$5,26 $436 $101
To participate, individuals must register in advance.

Registration can be done Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm,
at LCCM, 250, South 7th Street, Lebanon.

Applicants MUST bring with them: Verification of ID, Age, & Address. This can be accomplished by using a driver’s license, passport, etc., AND Verification of Household Income. This is the TOTAL income of all members of your household. This amount can be verified with a W-2, the previous year’s tax return, social security award letter, etc. The applicant must be present for registration and must have these items in order to register for the program. Once registered, the applicant will have the opportunity to name a proxy to pick up the food packages on their behalf. A proxy form can be completed at time of registration.
Once registered, the senior will receive a CSFP food package each month. All eligible seniors are encouraged to apply. Once registration reaches its quota, all additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list and will receive a CSFP food package when more become available. More details regarding the actual distribution process will be provided at a later time. The CSFP is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Additional Information can be foundat this link:

For more information on the CSFP program, please contact Troy E. Williams 717-272-4400 ext. 210 or direct your email to