Others Services

LCCM provides assistance with Prescriptions. After verification of the need and any insurance and/or prescription coverage, LCCM may be able to provide a one-time assistance with prescriptions. The original prescription or proof of refill is required.

LCCM also has discount Prescription cards available. To be eligible, the family and/or individual must have no insurance or show inability to purchase the prescription. For more information on the Discount Prescription Cards, call Wenda @ 717-272-4400 ext. 212 or email wenda@lccm.us.


Utility Assistance

Families or individuals may be eligible for assistance with their heating oil, or natural gas, depending on their circumstance.  Special programs are available to qualified UGI Utilities customers. Those in need of assistance are encouraged to call (717) 272-4400 to make an appointment.

Water Assistance

For assistance with Water and/or Sewer bills, the potential client should have a shut-off notice or show the inability to pay the bill within five days of the due date. LCCM may only be able to a portion of the total bill (usually a one-month average of the quarterly bill).