Emergency Shelter

Since 2012, we have housed an average of 20 guests/ per night, half of which are children.  There is a real need for a first response shelter for families in Lebanon County.  

HOPES is now under the LCCM roof and is now called FRESH Start.   

First Responder for Emergency  Shelter 


LCCM is going through some pretty big changes and the Emergency Shelter/ Day Resource Center component is the newest addition to our list of programs.  Now, we are providing Food, Clothing, and the Fresh Start program under one roof.  The overnight emergency shelter will continue to be housed at our partner churches from 8:30pm until 7:30am. The FRESH Start Resource Center will operate within LCCM during the remaining daytime hours.

To find out information about the FRESH Start program call (717)272-4400; we have moved the Resource Center under our South 7th St. location and phased out the N. 9th St. location.  If you have any questions regarding volunteering at the shelter, please contact Lesvi at 717-272-4400 or email lesvi@lccm.us