Emergency Shelter

During the 2012/ 2013 season (first season open), there were a combined 160 men, women, and children guests sheltered from October 1st 2012, through April 22nd 2013.  109 of those guests found permanent housing.  That is a 68% success rate!  There were 4,163 nights of stay during that range, and we averaged 21 inidividuals/ night.

 We need VOLUNTEERS!  The homeless shleter and day resource center (H.O.P.E.S.) is now operating all year round!  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

We know that people have great interest in helping with the Emergency Shelter and we have those opportunities available!

We are looking for people who can volunteer the following hours (Training is provided).......

Coordinator of volunteers (2 to 4 hours per week, this can be done during the day or evening) We are in need of one or 2 people to call and coordinate volunteers to help at the resource center and the emergency shelter sites.

Monday to Friday:

5:00pm to 8:30pm. At the HOPES Resource Center- We have "fill-in"  opportunities for people to help with check in and check out, greeting our guests and visitors, answering phones and preparing the shelter vouchers that are handed out each evening and the best part, a time of fellowship with our guests.  We are looking for alternates that can fill-in when needed.


Monday to Sunday:

Volunteers Drivers: Some of our Shelter sites may be on the outskirts of town and they may not have a passenger van available to transport our guests to and from the shelter sites and/or the shelter site may have a van available but they may need a driver.  We have a 21 passenger shuttle bus, but a CDL is required to operate it.  Drivers should be 21 and older (with a valid driver's license) in order to apply.



9:30pm to 7:30am- Overnight at the Emergency Shelter: It is required that we have at minimal of 1 man and 1 woman stay overnight at the shelter, but we can have 4 or more stay at the shelter and you encouraged to sleep at the shelter site overnight. You would help with making sure that the guests stay in the sleeping area unless they are going to use the restrooms. If a guest is currently employed and working late or working 2nd shift, you would open the shelter door for that guest to come in (volunteers are notified in advance if that is the case)

LCCM is now searching for shelter sites and volunteers. If you are interested in particpating in this program contact Matt Snavely by email at matt@lccm.us. or call 272-4400 ext. 223.